My name is Amanda Witscheber and welcome to WitWorks, my personal gaming blog. This site is where I pursue my passion for writing and publishing while creating content that I enjoy on a daily basis.


St. John Fisher College Graduate, class of 2018. BA in History and English (writing concentration

I started playing video games at a very young age on my family’s Sega, and since then, I have been fortunate to witness the rapid progression of technology and how this has affected gamers through new consoles and games which have consistently altered the industry since the days of the Genesis.

I remember taking turns competing with my three brothers on PlayStation’s Gran Turismo and dying a thousand times over on Crash Bandicoot. My Gameboy Advance was probably one of the most influential consoles of my childhood, where I spent hours catching Pokemon. And when I wasn’t using my Gameboy, I was on the PlayStation 2, one of the most influential gaming consoles, especially for its time.

Nowadays, I spend my time working a part-time job and anxiously awaiting my attendance at the Summer Publishing Institute at New York University. Until then, I intend to fill this site with my own works while I play Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Dishonored, and many more games on my Xbox One in addition to watching gameplays by TheRadBrad, Jacksepticeye, and Pewdiepie on YouTube.

My thanks go out to all of my readers, professors, friends, and family for the support thus far in my journey. Hopefully, before long, I will be working full-time for a magazine and putting my skills to the test.


Collegium Magazine (Writer/Editor)

ANGLES Magazine (Editor)